Check ammonia

Hyperammonemia can be extremely toxic

to the central nervous system in infants, children, and adults.

Help protect the brain

Hyperammonemia is a medical emergency.
The challenge is early detection.

Delayed diagnosis or treatment of hyperammonemia, regardless of cause,
can lead to neurological damage and potentially a fatal outcome.1


Act quickly to identify

Early detection of hyperammonemia is critical to prevent possible neurological damage and death. Recognize the signs and symptoms of hyperammonemia.


Check ammonia levels

Checking for high ammonia levels requires a proper blood draw for accurate analysis. Find out when, why, and how to test for ammonia.


Call a metabolic geneticist

High ammonia levels may be a result of a rare metabolic disorder. A metabolic geneticist can help determine the underlying cause. Click below to find a metabolic geneticist near you.